The technologies used are the following:

Injection moulding

Injection moulding of techno-polymers. Specialised in precision components and partial or complete assembly of final elements.


Production of elements with metal inserts in the following fields:
Low and medium voltage electronics: connectors with brass frame with galvanic treatments such as tin plating, silver plating and gilding even in selective approach; heads for DIN, FASTON, DEUTSCH connections or according to AUTO regulations.
Components for the motorcycle sector, butterfly shafts for throttle bodies, toothed sectors over molded on the metal lever.

Micro moulding

We are specialized in micro-moulds for <1 gr
Our presses are equipped with screws suitable for the moulding of small super-polymers, the importance of having a press with a 18mm injection unit, allows to keep the super-polymer at the melting temperature no more than the necessary time in order to avoid degradation that would reduce the product characteristics.
The small diameter screws also allows a precise and continuous dosage of the material, in order to obtain precise and repeatable pieces.

In Mould Decaration

A technology used to decorate details that cannot be pad-printed or screen-printed.
A screen-printed “label” is applied in the mould as it is more hardwearing than the polymer.
This technology allows you to have decorations that cannot be ruined by the use.

This technology has also been used in technical items to obtain reduced thickness without production problems. The item in the picture has a thickness of 0.5mm in the middle.


In our supplier list, we have high technology companies for the production of even very complex metal inserts. These suppliers allow us to offer products at a high technological limit.