Moulds production

The mould must be suitable in order to obtain a fully functional guaranteed product for the entire duration of its life. To achieve this goal, it is fundamental to begin from the product requirements and from the “mould-constraints” defined together with the customer.
We think about the mould immediately in the co-design phase, agreeing with the customer on the necessary compromises for the injection moulding technology.


It is good to know that a mould needs one or more “injection points”, where the material enters the cavity of areas where it is possible to push the piece out of the cavity (extractors position) and it will have some “injection-moulding” lines. These are some of the “mould-constraints” that the designer must bear in mind when designing the product.

The design of the product must include all these information to make sure they are part of it from the industrialization to the production.


The design of the moulds takes place according to the type of polymer to be transformed and to the “mould- constraints”, without quality compromises. All the different features are based on precise internal standards, developed during 70 years of activity. All our experiences have been transferred on an I.T. support in the form of drawings or formative procedures and they are available to designers who draw on the necessary information for the design. Steels and surface treatment are used for the employed polymer.

– Construction
The moulds are made in Italy or in China according to the deal made with the customer.
Since 2010, we have collaborated with an Italian company that started a mould production in China. This allows us to be very competitive in quality, about the delivery times of the sampling (approx.10 weeks) and costs (in some cases up to 1/3 compared to local mold makers offers). This opportunity is an advantage for the customer, and it has enabled many Italian businesses to launch products on the market with a low investment and keeping high quality products.
For the moulds produced in Italy, the first sampling is carried out in our department and then, after the set up, our quality system presents to the customer the “Official Sampling” for the final approval.
In the case of moulds made in China, the first sampling is carried out by sharing with the supplier the process data. If necessary, we attend the mould testing directly on the factory site, and we send the polymer from Italy for the test.
The samples received are analysed by our quality service for a first equipment functional approval. At the arrival of the mould in our structure, the project adequacy analysis and the mould test are carried out. If further settings are required, we use the electrodes that the supplier sent together with the mould. These set-ups are done in our internal workshop.

Building moulds in China is an opportunity to obtain high quality moulds at affordable prices. Our goal is not the lowest price but the best quality / price ratio.